Good Stress v Bad Stress


Let’s talk about stress. The good, the bad and….well, just the good and the bad today.

Now in the past few years or so, as people have become more aware of the impact stress can have on their health, stress has got a bit of a bad rap.

And so it should. Long term stress that is unchecked and ignored can lead to chronic illness and debilitating emotional, physical and mental health issues.

BUT there is such a thing as good stress.

And stress in small doses is harmless. We need it to survive.

Let’s go right back to prehistoric times and the sabre-tooth tiger I often talk about at my presentations. Stress produces the fight or flight response. When the brain perceives some kind of stress, it floods the body with adrenalin and cortisol. When our prehistoric ancestors were chased by a sabre-tooth tiger, the stress and cortisol would give them enough of an adrenalin injection to get them up the nearest tree. Life saved.

As humans we NEED stress to help keep us safe.

But what we’ve done in the 21st century is allowed ourselves to become so busy, so overwhelmed, so AVAILABLE that the stress and the cortisol is there constantly. And THAT’S when the problems start.

BUT! Good stress is short bursts of energy that helps guide you, gives you that extra bit of motivation you need to meet a deadline, complete a project or study for that exam. Stress CAN help you accomplish tasks more efficiently.

A friend of mine runs a magazine. She has one week a month where she knows she is going to be doing long hours, sitting in front of a computer reading and re-reading articles, editing, proofreading, deciding on which images are going where, okaying layouts and dealing with naughty sales reps who haven’t got their advertising copy in on time.

And she loves it. It gets her motivated, moving. She loves the pressure of that week and the chance to make those snap decisions.

But here’s the difference. She’s not cranky stressed – she’s awesome stressed. She’s got the right amount of adrenalin running through her for the right amount of time.

She keeps her nutrition intake up, takes some time outside for walks to centre herself, meditates in the morning before work so that when she IS in the office, she can slot right back into deadline mode with a smile on her face and good stress keeping her moving and motivated.

The other three weeks of the month, she keeps her workload at a manageable level, spends time with her family, friends and sticks to her walking, yoga and meditation routine.

She keeps the good stress from turning into bad stress by balancing out the adrenalin bursts with down-time and quiet time.

It’s when you are constantly in fight or flight mode that the problems start. Constant stress is bad stress. Unchecked and unmanaged stress is bad stress. Ignored stress is bad stress.

Get stress working for you instead of managing you and you’ll notice a marked difference in your day to day life.

Do you think that stress is affecting your life, pop over to and do the stress quiz to see how stressed you are. You will be able to download a copy of Angela’s Amazon #1 Bestseller Secret Mums Business after you have done the quiz.




Angela Counsel

Angela Counsel (Lifestyle Naturopath and Author of Secret Mums Business) has seen the effects of long term stress in the thousands of women she has worked with over the past 10 years.  Stress can affect your wellbeing, your relationships and in the long run can seriously affect your health. Angela now focuses on teaching women
about what stress is, how it affects them and how they can have the life they want without all of the stress through her live events and on-line programs. You can learn more about Angela and her programs at

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7 October 2015

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